Barry Feldman

Barry Feldman has been a member of Corio Bay Camera Club since 1994 and is arguably our most consistently successful member; doing well in club, National and International competitions. He has held a number of committee positions over the years and is a Life Member of the club. Barry talked to us about his photography …

What is your photographic background?

I remember taking my first images of the yachts that used to be moored in the bay next to the then Hi Lite Park on a manual Olympus OM40. When I saw them I was hooked and bought just about every English and Australian photo magazine available at the time and taught myself the skills of photography. Of course along with the learning came practice and I sure did spend quite a few dollars on film, and especially slide film, which had to be spot on with exposure. So a lot of under and over exposed images were discarded. Once it all fell into place though, I started to improve on my photography (although you never stop learning).

What are your favourite subjects and/or locations?

I love landscape photography, be it on a beach at sunrise or sunset, standing in front of a stunning waterfall, or a breathtaking mountain scene. Using the magic of light and composition and to be able to view the scene and then capture it in all its glory forever is a humbling experience. I also enjoy wedding and portraiture photography.

 Who/What inspires you to go out and take photographs?

Mother Nature is my inspiration. To capture her beauty and share the photos with others is very gratifying.

What sort of gear do you use?

My kit consists of Canon 5D and 5D MKII cameras with Canon EF 24-105mm, 17-40mm and EF 70-200mm lenses and a Canon 580 EXII Speedlite.

Which of your images is your favourite – why?

My favourite image is Smorgys Moonrise (see below). It was a magical moment. It was a warm summer evening, and the sun was setting. As soon as it set on the horizon the moon rose. Everything was still, calm and reflective.

What do you think is your greatest photographic achievement?

My greatest photographic achievement was winning the RASV- VAPS National Photographic Competition held at the Royal Melbourne Show in 1998. Also in 2011 I won first place in the VAPS Interclub. My images have also been published in several photographic magazines. But one of my personal highlights was several years ago when I was asked by a lady if I could photograph her mother’s 100th birthday at her nursing home. I took my studio along and I took some photos of her in her finest outfit. She was such a beautiful happy lady. It was such a pleasurable experience. She passed away not long after and her family were so happy that I had taken the photos of her.

Is there anything that you’d like to improve in your photography?

There is always room for improvement with photography. Mastering more skills in Photoshop and Lightroom is a good challenge and an area I would like to improve on.

Do you have any favourite photographic books and/or websites?

I love reading the Australian Photography magazine which I get monthly as a member of the Australian Photographic Society and my favourite book is Ken Duncan’s – Life’s An Adventure.

Is there photographer that you particularly admire? Why?

I have always admired Ken Duncan. He always has a great story to his stunning images. I had the pleasure of meeting him last July and it was a special moment for me. And of course, I have a lot of admiration for many of the fantastic photographers in our club and other clubs. Such an array of awesome images can be seen from the members in our club’s monthly competitions.

Below is a selection of images that Barry has chosen, with his comments.

Airport. Taken on sunset through glass in the waiting lounge at Tullamarine Airport. This is the image that won me first place in the VAPS Interclub in 2011.

Sunset Gathering. I was away on a work trip in Wodonga for 3 days and went for a drive looking for a location for a sunset. I pulled up to a dam that was reflecting the last light and these sheep were just standing there watching me. So I quickly grabbed the shot and just as I took it the ram gave a deep baa and they all took off. Funny as. Had to be there.

Moonlight flight. The moon was rising just on twilight and I could see these birds flying in my direction and hoping they would fly in front of the moon. And they did. I love the formation composition in the frame.

Smorgy’s Moonrise. The shot described above as my favourite image.

Rising Sun – Taken just outside of Echuca on a very cold foggy morning. The sun’s rays coming through the trees and mist was very intense.

Sisters. When I was in Africa in 2010 we went to a poor remote village and were welcomed into some of the villagers’ homes. In this particular home I saw this young girl with her baby sister on her back. She allowed me to take the shot. I really like this image as it tells a story.

Country Dusk. Countryside at sunset near Stawell Victoria.

Blue Vortex. Melbourne Aquarium. I waited for around 15 minutes for this image. Waiting for the right positions of the fish and dodging young children who were pushing their faces up against the glass to get a good look at the fish.

Gothic Tree. This was taken on another work trip. We were staying in Sale, Gippsland and went for a drive around the area. We came across this tree that looked like something out of Lord of the Rings. You can just make out some steam clouds on the horizon that are coming out of one of the power station’s chimneys.

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse. This is a seven image stitched panoramic shot put together in Photoshop.

Business Man. I was in town one day with a work colleague scouting around the city for wedding locations and checking out the wall which is opposite the Eureka Hotel. I was thinking to myself what a bride would look like standing in front of it when I saw this man walking towards it. I had my 70-200 lens on and took this shot as he walked past.

Dorrie. This is one of the images of the lovely lady taken at her 100th birthday.