Coral Spence

IMG_0001Coral Spence recently will tick over 30 years as a member of Corio Bay Camera Club in 2018. She is a life member of the club in acknowledgement of her many years of service to the club and other photographic organisations.

As she had four daughters to look after, Coral started her photographic journey as a bag carrier for husband Bert, but soon had had enough of that and got a camera of her own and take her own photos. She, like many other photographers, started with a Box Brownie, graduating to a Pentax K1000 on which she shot primarily slide film. Coral entered the digital age using a Nikon Coolpix compact camera and now also uses a Pentax K100D digital SLR.

When discussing her favourite subjects Coral said, “I like still life subjects because they don’t move and you have plenty of time to study the situation”. She has also enjoyed the many outings she and Bert have had with the Victorian Nature Group to the High Country and many of the coastal areas.

Coral’s interest in photography was probably inspired by having a father and brother who were both interested in photography. This “possibly inspired me to follow in their footsteps” and be able “to communicate the beauty of nature and the world around us”.

To assist her in her work Coral uses a range of filters and lenses but says her favourite pieces of kit are her “camera bag, tripod and monopod”. Having initially developed her photography with film, Coral says that the thing she would now most like to improve is her understanding of the digital process.

When asked what she thought was her greatest photographic achievement, Coral nominated the gaining of her LAPS. The LAPS (Licentiate – Australian Photographic Society), which is an honour that is awarded through attaining a specified number of acceptances in National and/or International competitions.

Coral was also awarded SSAPS (State Service to Photography – APS) as the Victorian member representative for APS and for her commitment to APS and the committee of Vigex International Photography over many years. She has also been honoured by the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies with a SSVAPS – (State Service VAPS) for services to the club as club print steward and assisting with VAPS judging and helping as a steward at the Melbourne Shows.

“Joining APS and going to their conferences each year in different parts of Australia has been a great experience, catching up with friends and listening to guest speakers from all over the world. You come home with a new approach to your photography.”

Below is a selection of Coral’s photographs. She nominates as among her favourites “Face Painting”, “Hut in Patterson Curse”, “Stormy Pinnacles” and “Coloured Wheel”.

Road to Nowhere. On a visit to West Australia, Bert, Sandra Whitson and I spent 3 days at the Pinnacles nature reserve. It was late in the afternoon and I thought that the leading lines and the sky complemented each other.

Stormy Pinnacles: Taken the same day as “Road to Nowhere” the stormy sky made a suitable background for the pinnacles.

Fruit and Wine: This is one of my series of tabletop or still life sets

Madsevallia: I like still life photography because it can be done indoors and in all types of weather.

In the High Country: We have had many trips to Falls Creek and the High Country during summer

In the High Country. We have had many trips to Falls Creek and the High Country during summer

White Tree: This tree is a popular subject for photographers and is in the Falls Creek area.

Hut in Pattersons Curse: We were on the road to the Apscon Conference when I noticed this little out house in the middle of the field and we spent some time taking photos from all different angles.

8. Heading Out

Heading Out: In our younger days and during the surfing season we made many trips down the coast to photograph all aspects of the surf carnivals. This one is of a surf boat crashing through the waves at Ocean Grove.

9. Coloured Wheel

Coloured Wheel: The rotating wheel does provide many interesting photos and colours in the evening. It is located at the Eastern Beach in the Summer months.

10. Face painting

Face Painting: We were at the Pako Festa when noticed the artist at work and thought that it would make a good Portrait. This slide has done well in international exhibitions.