Colin Klein

Colin Klein is our longest serving member, having joined the club in 1969 when it was still known as the Ford Camera Club. Over the years Colin has held a variety of positions including President (eight years), Secretary (five years), Vice President (two years) and Treasurer (one year). He has also been the club librarian and Competition Secretary and is currently our Inter-Club Competition Secretary – a position he has held for the last six years. Colin was awarded a life membership for his services to the Club in 1992.

Colin was also awarded the SSVAPS (State Service Victorian Association of Photographic Societies) in 1995. This award is given for exceptional service to photography and the growth and advancement of the photographic art in or through VAPS affiliated Camera Clubs in Victoria over an extended period.

When he joined the Ford Camera Club Colin was using a Ricoh rangefinder camera. His first Single Lens Reflex was a Praktica IV which had no built in light meter. After the Praktica came three Pentax cameras; a Spotmatic, an MX and an MZ5 (his first autofocus camera). He then switched to Canon with the EOS 300 followed by an EOS 1N. His first digital camera was the Canon EOS 300D. This was later upgraded to an EOS 30D. His current tool of choice is the Canon EOS 5D MkII.

In the early days colour workers in the club were restricted to Slides. Colin participated in this section and also in Black and White Prints, loading his own film canisters from bulk film and processing and printing in the darkroom. When Colour Prints were introduced Colin also processed and printed these in the darkroom. This was unusual as most members had their colour work processed commercially. These days, like the vast majority of members, Colin works solely in digital.

Colin’s main photographic interests are Landscape, Sports (particularly cycling), Macro and Travel. He has travelled widely in Australia and since retirement, overseas. Among his favourite places to photograph in the local area are Point Lonsdale and the Dog Rocks. Around Australia he has enjoyed photographing the Perry Sandhills near Mildura, Tasmania, the Southern Flinders Ranges, The Pinnacles near Cervantes in WA and Outback New South Wales. When he was overseas he particularly enjoyed the photographic opportunities presented in Venice in Italy and Brugge and Brussels in Belgium.

Below is a selection of Colin’s images with his comments.

Autumn Morning Walk – November 2011. On a guided tour of Brugge in Belgium, I thought this man walking his dog would make a good subject.

Burano Street & Canal – June 2007. Strolling around Burano in the Venetian Lagoon, Italy. The colours of all these houses and their reflections on the water appealed to me.

Going Home – February 2011. We were staying in Pt Lonsdale in our caravan and I got up early most mornings to capture the sunrise. I like the way the sun lights up the side of the pier.

Late Evening Light Dog Rocks – April 2010. There was an interesting evening sky so decided to go to the Dog Rocks at Batesford.

Laughing Kookaburra – June 2012. Early morning in Hawks Nest, New South Wales this bloke was kicking up a fuss.

Pinnacles Landscape #2 – June 2009. On a caravan touring holiday of Western Australia. We stayed in Cervantes and it rained most of the night. It was still cloudy when we woke but we headed to the Pinnacles anyway. The good light lasted only a short time while we were there.

Rowing out to the Boat – May 2010. A very foggy morning in Geelong. Taken at Limeburners Bay, Corio. I really like the atmosphere of the fog and the almost monochrome effect of this image.


Shopping in the Rain #2 – June 2007. In Brussels, Belgium. A heavy downpour sent (most) people scurrying for cover.

Skippers Canyon Landscape – October 2008. Skippers Canyon is near Queenstown, New Zealand. This shot was taken from a lookout. I liked the look of the sky and the landscape with the remaining traces of snow.

Storm Approaching Venice – October 2011. On a waterbus on the Venetian Lagoon. I think the contrast of the dark sky with the white buildings makes an interesting image.

The Race Leaders – January 2006. I enjoy bike racing. This is Robby McEwan in action in a Criterium at the Eastern Gardens, Geelong.

Walk in the Forest – November 2011. Wandering around a forest in Friesland, Holland looking for autumn images. I thought this woman with her flowing coat walking towards me made a good subject.

Wilsons Prom Beach – February 2008. On a touring holiday. We visited here late in the day. I liked the sky and the reflections on the wet sand.

Yellow,White, Blue and Red – May 2008. Another touring holiday; this time in Tasmania. We came across these boats at Franklin. the sky and the colours of the different boats appealed to me.