Lisa Kenny

Lisa Kenny has been a member of Corio Bay Camera Club since June 2009 and a Committee member since 2011. In 2016 she was elected Vice President. Lisa spoke to us about her photography …

CBCC – What is your photographic background?

LK – The first time I decided I “liked” photography was on a school camp to Central Australia in Year 10 – I was sixteen. My aunty lent me her camera to take away with me (which I still have … must give it back to her someday). I remember getting some pretty good feedback, so that must have inspired me I guess. Our art teacher, Peter Lindner, was a bit of a photographer too, he taught me a bit … and we were allowed to take ‘the SLR’ home on weekends … a Pentax something or other.

I finally got my own SLR, a Canon T50 for my 21st birthday – after the T series came the EOS series – so unfortunately none of those old lenses will fit on my current camera – a Canon 40D”

It was quite a long time until I got my first digital camera. I really didn’t think that ‘digital’ would take off. Eventually I decided to bite the bullet and see what it was all about and bought a little HP pocket camera – and haven’t looked back.

CBCC – What are your favourite subjects and/or locations?

LK – I love photographing events, especially live music. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to shoot at the Queenscliff Music Festival in an official capacity for the last 3 years – hopefully that will continue in coming years.

This year I’ve travelled overseas for the first time…. if money were no object, then travel photography would be what i’d love to concentrate on now….

Night photography is also something I really enjoy. Things look so much different in the dark. What can look pretty bland in daylight, takes on a whole new look after dark – cityscapes for example (it’s about the only time I’ll take my tripod with me too).

And the zoo -I love the zoo too!

CBCC – Who/What inspires you to go out and take photographs?

LK – What inspires me to get out and take photos? To be honest, not much. I actually consider myself a lazy photographer – I guess, if I’m with someone that is enthusiastic, then usually I’ll get enthusiastic too.

CBCC – What sort of gear do you use?

LK -I’ve always been a Canon girl, i currently have a 7D and a 40D, with a number of lens – 50mm f1.4, 24-105 f4, 70-200 f2.8, 100-400 f4, and a Sigma 10-20. But i’ve recently travelled overseas and decided to travel light – so i now spend a bit of time with my Panasonic Lumix FZ200 (with a fixed 25-600 lens, and f2.8 all the way through), and also my Sony RX10 – both mirrorless, and oh so much lighter than lugging all that other gear around. And of course there’s always the camera on my phone, which is quite good, and very handy.

CBCC – Is there photographer that you particularly admire?

LK – I admire many photographers, not any one in particular. Locally, the usual suspects – Peter Marin, John Conway, Heather Hartkamp (all of whom I actually met on-line) and (our own) Barry Feldman have all helped me and taught me a lot. There is quite a big community of photographers in Geelong that interact online and learn from, and inspire each other. I don’t think I’d be where I’m at without that resource. I’d encourage people to go on these meets that are organised – you might only learn one thing for the day, but next time, you’ll learn something else – and you’ll most likely make a lot of new friends – I did!

Below is a selection of Lisa’s images.

Blue Water: Just a simple shot – something I wouldn’t even do in the daylight, but as I said earlier, some things change completely after dark.

Brian Mannix: I was a huge fan of Uncanny X-Men back in the late 80’s, so was quite happy to have him down on the waterfront here in Geelong, and have my camera in my hand – and was thrilled with the results. I’ve made contact with him on FaceBook, and he has actually used a few of my shots of him as his profile photo.

Bridge Rally: This was taken at one of the protest days that the Barwon Heads locals held to try and stop the new bridge being built. They weren’t successful. Just as I was shooting, this little boy stood up in front of them – kind of looks like he’s leading the protest doesn’t it.

Erskine’s: This is the old Erskine’s camping store on Mercer Street. I’d often driven past it at about the time the sun was going down, and noticed how different it looked at that time of day and thought to myself that I should get a photo of it before they knock it down. Just recently it has been fixed up, and no longer has the same character. I’m glad I finally got around to taking that photo. It’s a little piece of Geelong’s history.

Geelong Advertiser Cover: I also took this with my little pocket camera. It is the house in Ryrie Street just near the 7-11 that went up in flames in 2009. (It actually hasn’t been touched since then either). I was at work nearby, and someone came in and said there was a fire – up I got, and flew over there – the editor from the Advertiser was there, and this is the result.

MischievousThoM: This is a young band from the Bellarine Peninsula. I’d taken a few shots of them when they played down on the waterfront once. They saw the shots and contacted me to see if I’d take some promotional shots for them. Basically, they just mucked about and I took photos of them. Great fun….


Pelicans: I have taken a lot of pelican shots, this would be my favourite though. It was taken at Healesville Sanctuary. I got lucky, as in they lined themselves up perfectly for me – I just darkened up the background.

Rowers: One of the very first photos that I was brave enough to put online. Taken with the Konica-Minolta again, I took this from the walk bridge over the Barwon River – I probably took about 500 photos, and got a couple of good ones. But I always say that if you only get one good photo when you go out shooting, then you’ve had a good day!

Star Hotel: Down in the cellar of the Star Hotel in Echuca – this scene is set up to replicate the olden days of prohibition, it was a ‘secret’ bar, with a hidden tunnel, for the patrons to escape when they got word the coppers were on their way. It was quite dark down there, so (me being lazy, and not taking a tripod with me) I had to lean the camera against a rail and try and hold it as still as I could.

The Duyfken: I took this on the way to work one morning – with my little pocket camera! The light was just amazing – too good to drive past. I was a little late for work too.

Tom Harley: Another taken with my pocket camera – not the greatest photo – but a once in a lifetime shot. I was lucky enough to be in the front row for the 2009 Grand Final – and lucky enough to have Tom Harley jump up on the fence right next to us with the cup.

Warnie’s 700th: This was taken on Boxing Day 2006 at the MCG. It is Andrew Strauss from England, being bowled out by Shane Warne – his 700th test wicket. I took it from the front row of the top deck in the Great Southern Stand, with my first DSLR, a Konica-Minolta 5D, with the 70-300 kit lens. I do have it printed and signed by Warnie too.