Ian Creek

Ian Creek has been a member of Corio Bay Camera club since April 2008.

Although Ian owned a small Kodak 110 Instamatic film camera many years ago, he didn’t really “get into photography” until 1999 when his partner bought a Pentax MZ60 film camera to shoot aircraft at Avalon. Ian thought that was “pretty cool”, so he bought one for himself – and the rest is history. They also spent a lot of their spare time travelling to Tullamarine to capture various airliners and anything else that happened to fly in.

While still a very accomplished photographer of aircraft, Ian’s subject matter has expanded greatly since that time and he now enjoys most aspects of photography including nature, wildlife, “still life” and “whatever catches my eye”. He is inspired by the natural world, sunset and sunrise, waterfalls, landscapes, the coastline and the animal kingdom.

Through his photography, Ian likes to convey the message that there is always more than one way to look at things; moving about the subject and using different angles – above, below, left and right …

Ian now shoots exclusively in digital format. His first Digital SLR was a Canon 300D which has since been upgraded a number of times. His current kit (or “arsenal” as he describes it) includes Canon EOS 50D and 5D MkII cameras, Canon 100–400mm, 70–200mm, 100mm Macro, 24-70mm lenses and a Sigma 50mm –500mm lens as well as some portrait lights, backdrops, soft boxes etc.

Below is a selection of Ian’s images that demonstrates very well the wide range of subject matter that he tackles. His favourite image at the moment is “The Catch” because it beautifully captures the raptor with its prey just about to settle down for a meal.

Three Mustangs – Point Cook

Mustang – Lethbridge Airfield

Stearman – Lethbridge Airfiled

The Need for Speed – Avalon Airshow


China Doll


Large White Spider Orchid – Brisbane Ranges

Red Lipped Orchid with Fly – Brisbane Ranges

Great White Egret – Point Wilson

The Catch – Black Shouldered Kite with Prey – Point Wilson

I’m Outa Here – Swallows on a Gate

A Touch Of Red – Selective colour restored from a black & white image

Time Line – Playing in Photoshop

You can see more of Ian’s work on RedBubble and Flickr