Competition Rules

Updated 24 January 2019

A Printer Friendly copy of these rules can be downloaded here.


Competitions Subcommittee

  1. All Corio Bay Camera Club (the Club) competitions are managed by a Competitions Subcommittee (the Subcommittee), which reports to the club General Committee (the Committee).
  2. At least two members of the Subcommittee shall be members of the Committee.
  3. The Subcommittee is responsible for the overall running of competitions within the club, advising the Committee regarding policies related to Club competitions, recommending changes to the competition rules and other duties as described in these rules.
  4. The Subcommittee maintains a record of all competitions and must forward these for archiving to the Club Secretary at the end of each competition year.

Changes to the Rules

  1. Changes to these rules will be ratified by the Committee and will take effect as determined by the Committee.
  2. The Subcommittee will advise members of any changes to these rules at least two weeks before they take effect.
  3. Rules are published on the Club website.

Entering Club Competitions

  1. On joining the Club, a member will be given a member number. This number is to be used on all Club competition entries in lieu of the member’s name.
  2. Only financial members may enter the Club’s competition program.
  3. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that his or her entries comply with these rules.
  4. Unless a member has specifically indicated otherwise, entry of an image in a Club competition will be taken as an authority to publish that image on the Club’s website or social media sites, or to enter the image in any interclub competition. Copyright of images at all times remains with the maker.


  1. Each member is allocated a single grade.
  2. On joining the Club, a member will start at “B” Grade level until the member is promoted to “A” Grade in accordance with these rules.
  3. A member’s grading is not taken into account when judging and allocating awards in Monthly competitions. Grading is only applied to Image of the Year Competitions, Annual Aggregate awards and other nominated competitions from time to time.
  4. When a competition category is divided into separate grades a member may only enter images in the grade they have been allocated.
  5. The Committee may nominate a member for promotion to “A” Grade at any time in one of the following circumstances:
    1. on the recommendation of the Subcommittee after consideration of the member’s competition performance and/or other relevant experience; or
    2. after the appraisal of a folio of at least six images submitted by the member to the Subcommittee. Either the member or the Subcommittee may initiate such an appraisal.
  1. The Subcommittee may nominate additional members for promotion to “A” Grade to maintain a satisfactory balance of members between the two divisions.
  2. An “A” Grade member may request relegation to “B” Grade. If, in the Subcommittee’s opinion, relegation is warranted, the Subcommittee may relegate that member immediately, or from the commencement of the next competition year. The Subcommittee may refuse an application but must provide the member with the reason for the refusal.


  1. The Committee will resolve any disputes arising in relation to these rules or their interpretation. Members may also access the grievance and dispute resolution procedure described in the Club’s Rules of Association.

Monthly Competitions

Entry Requirements and Procedures.

  1. The Club conducts nine monthly competitions in each competition year. The competition year runs from February to October.
  2. Entries for the each month’s competition must be submitted by the fourth Thursday of the preceding month or as otherwise determined by the Subcommittee.
  3. Each image entered in any competition must show evidence of an underlying photographic image. Non-photographic techniques may be used to modify the image, but evidence of the picture’s photographic origin must be clearly visible. A photographic image means the image formed by light passing through a lens onto a light sensitive surface.
  4. All competition entries must have a specific title. “Untitled” or “Untitled No 1” or similar will not be regarded as a specific title. The primary title (i.e. the image name minus identifying file extension or prefixes) used in the first instance is to remain unchanged should the image subsequently be re-entered in any other Club competition or interclub competition.
  5. Each entry must be the original work of the entrant, except that prints may be commercially processed.
  6. In accordance with copyright law, all images presented by entrants will be free of all rights of ownership, whether artistic or otherwise, which may be held by others.
  7. By taking part in the competitions members indemnify the Club and competition organisers against all actions which may be taken against them by owners of copyrights.

Rejection of Entries

  1. The Subcommittee may reject any entry which fails to comply with these rules or which is deemed to be otherwise inappropriate.
  2. A member whose image has been rejected by the Subcommittee must be notified of that rejection, and provided with the reason(s) for that rejection. This advice will be provided as soon as practicable before the competition date.
  3. At the discretion of the Subcommittee, substitute images may be accepted for entries that are rejected.

Competition Sections

  1. Competitions are held in Print and Projected Image sections. All monthly competitions are Open subject.
  2. Each member may submit up to two entries in each section.
  3. Set subject sections are also held periodically. These will be in addition to the Open subject competition. Members may submit up to two entries in a set subject competition. Set subject competitions are held in the Projected Images format only. Dates, subjects and subject definitions and are listed on the syllabus and/or the club website.
  4. Print section
    1. All prints must be mounted. Neither the image nor the front of the mount may contain any identifying marks. The back of each mount must contain the entrant’s competition number, the image title and a clear indication of the top of the print (if required). The entrant’s name must not appear on any part of the mount or print.
    2. Prints have a maximum size of 40 x 50 cm. The maximum mount size is 40 x 50 cm. The maximum thickness of the matt and backing board is 3mm.
  1. Guidelines for mounting prints (based on requirements for VAPS interclub competitions):
  1. All matts must have a backing board covering the print
  2. Do not use foam core backing, as this will be too thick. Use photographic archival quality matt boards and backing boards
  • Prints should be attached to the matt or backing board across the full width of the top edge of the print only to allow for expansion. (Use Scotch Magic Tape, available from Newsagents or Officeworks or Archival Framers Tape II available from Art Supplies or Framing shops).
  1. Skimping on tape means that the image may move in the mount.
  2. Backing boards should be stuck to the back of the print with good quality general purpose masking tape. (Do not use Sellotape, Painter’s masking tape or Artist’s brown tape as these can come loose and can stick to and damage other prints.
  3. Projected Image section
    1. Projected Images may be processed using image editing software, but the original image must have been made by the entrant.
    2. The maximum horizontal dimension is 1920 pixels and the maximum vertical dimension is 1080 pixels. Files must be saved as 8 bit JPEG and sRGB colour space, saved at a suitable JPEG quality to give a file no greater than 5000 kb.
    3. Images are projected on a black background. Images may include a border. The border must be included within the maximum horizontal and vertical dimensions.
    4. Files must be named in the format below, using an underscore (_) between each part of the file name.
  • Open Entries: nn_yyyymm_Title_OP.jpg
    Set Subject Entries: nn_yyyymm_Title_SS.jpg
  • Where:
  • nn is the member’s competition number (two digits). If a member’s competition number is below 10, then the number should be preceded by a zero (i.e.; competition number 1 should be entered as 01).
  • yyyymm is the year and month of the competition; eg. 201906 is the June competition in 2019.
  • Title is the title of the image (multi-word titles may include spaces)
  • OP is an Open Entry
  • SS is a Set Subject Entry
  • Example: Member with Competition No 1 entering the June 2019 open section:

01_201906_Fishing at Sunset_OP.jpg

For a tutorial on how to resize images correctly click on : How to Resize and Save Images for Projected Image Competitions

Submitting Entries

  1. Prints are handed to the Subcommittee at a club meeting or as otherwise arranged. In addition, members are required to submit an electronic version of the print via email or as agreed with the Subcommittee. The pixel dimensions of the electronic version should comply with those required for entries in the Projected Image sections (above). The naming format for the electronic version of a print is similar to that of Projected Images except that “OP” or “SS” is replaced by “PR”

eg: 01_201906_Fishing at Sunset_PR.jpg

  1. Projected Images are submitted via email, or as agreed with the Subcommittee.
  2. The email address for submitting images is
  3. An image that has been entered in the Projected Image section may be subsequently entered in the Print section and vice versa. However, the same image may not be entered in both sections in the same month.
  4. Images that have not achieved a first place or merit in a section of a previous monthly competition may be re-submitted in the same section in one subsequent monthly competition.
  5. Images that have achieved a first place or merit in an open subject competition may be entered in a set subject competition.
  6. Images that have achieved a first place or merit in a set subject competition may be entered in an open competition.


  1. The Subcommittee will engage a judge or judges to assess and score members images.
  2. The judge(s) will normally be sourced from outside the club; however club members may be invited to judge from time to time.
  3. Images are given a score between one and fifteen points (no half points are awarded).
  4. The judge(s) will award first place in each section and an image of the night which will be chosen from the section winners.
  5. The judge(s) may also give merit awards. The number of merit awards given in any section is at the judge’s discretion.
  6. A club member who judges a monthly competition may not enter that competition. The member will instead be awarded a judging allowance in each competition section being the average score of all that member’s entries in each section in the competition year.

Inter-Club Competitions

  1. Inter-club competitions are held throughout the year. Dates, host club and selection dates are listed in the syllabus. Sections, subjects and rules for these competitions are published by the Subcommittee on the club website prior to the selection date.
  2. The Subcommittee will identify members’ images it wishes to consider for selection from monthly competitions and other sources.
  3. Any prints identified will be stored in a dedicated container by the Subcommittee. Where a member wishes to retain a print or prints, these will be noted and may be requested prior to a selection meeting.
  4. Projected images identified for consideration will be copied to a dedicated folder on the CBCC computer.
  5. In addition to images identified by the Subcommittee, images may be submitted by members for consideration at any time.
  6. Prints will be returned to members when they are no longer required, or on the member’s request
  7. Members may be invited to attend and participate in selection meetings, but the final decision of which images will represent the club will be the responsibility of the Subcommittee.
  8. For each interclub competition, the Subcommittee will publish a list of the images selected and their makers.
  9. When the Club is the host for an interclub competition, the Subcommittee will engage a judge or judges to assess and score the images.

Member Judging Night

  1. This Competition is held on the fourth Thursday in November.
  2. This competition is an Projected Image only competition.
  3. Members may submit up to three images.
  4. Entries from this competition may also be entered in any monthly competition, regardless of the score received, as they are not included in the yearly aggregate.
  5. Entries in this competition are eligible for the Image of the Year only if they have also been entered in a monthly competition.

Annual Awards

Aggregate Awards

First, second and third place awards are made in each of the competition sections in both A Grade and B Grade. These awards will be made to the members who have accrued the highest, second highest and third highest cumulative points respectively in each section at the end of the competition year. In addition awards will be made for the highest, second highest and third highest cumulative points in the Set Subject competitions. Gradings are not taken into account for the set subject aggregate awards.

  • A Grade Print Aggregate – 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • B Grade Print Aggregate – 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • A Grade Projected Image Aggregate – 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • B Grade Projected Image Aggregate – 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • Set Subject Projected Image Aggregate – 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Image of the Year

  • Sections

Awards will be made in Print and Projected Image Sections

  • Categories

The Image of the Year competition will be Open Subject.

  • Eligibility
    • Only images that have been entered in monthly competitions in the current competition year, in the applicable Section, are eligible for entry.
    • Members may submit up to four entries in each of the Print and EDI Sections.
    • The same image may not be entered in both the Print and EDI Sections.
  • Entries must be submitted by the date listed in the syllabus.
  • Awards are made as follows:
  • 1. Prints
    • A Grade – 1st, 2nd and 3rd
      B Grade – 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • Projected Images
    • A Grade – 1st, 2nd and 3rd
      B Grade – 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • 3. Print and Projected Image of the Year. 

These will be selected from among the winning entries in each section. The Print of the Year and Projected Image of the Year may be selected from either A grade or B Grade.