Set Subjects 2018

April 26 – “Energy”

Release your creative juices … This is also the set subject for the Colac Interclub.

June 28 – “Fences”

The possibilities are endless ..

August 23 – “Bridges”

Many rivers to cross …

October 26 – “Silhouettes”

Shapes of all kinds …

November 24 – “Geelong Library”

The new Geelong icon. Let’s see something different. Submit up to four (3) projected images entries electronically to the competition secretary in the week before the meeting. Members will judge this competition.

Annual Project – “Out of the Hat”.

Members will be given a random subject drawn out of a hat. You have until October 25 to create a portfolio of up to ten images that relate to the subject you have drawn. The portfolios will be presented at the meeting on November 1.