Set Subjects 2021

April 22 – “Abstract”

A different view of the world … This is also the set subject for the Colac/Bellarine Interclub.

June 24 – “Long Exposure”

The possibilities are endless … exposures must be longer than one second – no maximum limit

August 26 – “Industrial”

Use your imagination …

October 28 – “Patterns in Nature”

Symmetries, spirals, meanders, waves, tessellations, cracks, stripes etc. etc. …

November 25 – “Historic Geelong”

An opportunity to have a look at a different aspect of our town. Submit up to three (3) projected images entries electronically to the secretary in the week before the meeting. Members will judge this competition.

Annual Project – “Out of the Hat”

Members will be given a random subject drawn out of a hat at the first meeting of the year. You have until October 25 to submit a portfolio of up to ten images that relate to the subject you have drawn to the Secretary. The portfolios will be presented at the meeting on October 29.